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S. Elpidio a Mare (Italy)
22nd October 2010
Giorgio Bongiovanni

Pordenone 16-17 October 2010

I think about the strength of the union while I embrace our brothers and sisters from Pordenone who come to the Alea Lores Ark. Like working ants everyone brings something, they set, they call, they organise. They prepare the tables for the quick dinner we are going to eat all together waiting for the arrival of Sonia Alea, Lorella, Elisabetta, their children and the dear Francesco.
Once again, at around 8:30 p.m., we are at the bedside of the top floor room with a nice scent, with its large brown wooden beams on the ceiling. The scent of roses, as it often happens during the bleeding of the stigmata, is intense, like Giorgio's gaze, once again chalice of Communion with the living, tangible signs of God's presence imprinted on his body.
We would like to be tightly around him as branches of a single large willow tree, whose trunk is rooted in Mother Earth, the mother of all creatures. I imagine this scene in a figurative sense, silently and with respect for the pain of those moments.
We are many today in this world that can claim to be direct witnesses of the permanent sign of the stigmata of Giorgio Bongiovanni, who like it or not, is definitely a man “out of the ordinary”. The Heaven through Giorgio reveals a previous life to an intimate sister. This does not happen often, and we join the excitement of our friend for the totally unexpected revelation. The young and beautiful mother of Maurice approached me near those bleeding feet of Giorgio and quietly told me: “'s like being at the foot of the cross.” I acknowledged to her that it is so, I meditate on the communion of spirits and I tell her the story of how many times I / we have written down this expression for the love of all brothers. When you are at the “foot of the cross”, it is like being naked in front of the mirror of our own conscience that puts you always in the corner, but at the same time you feel invested by light, hope and strength. How often we smiled at Giorgio in those moments and he, in spite of the suffering, has returned those smiles to us.
The room on the ground floor of the ark is suitable, as if by magic, for all eventualities: from office it becomes a dining room or a meeting room. “This we have!” It is the exclamation of the moment, strictly expressed by someone in Sicilian dialect. After dinner Giorgio was asked about Sara Scazzi, a case of crime that is more than a month into the limelight of media. One of the most egregious cases of Harbar, the manifestations of which, marks everyday the destiny of men and women that in an instant become victims, perpetrators, family members of the ones and the others. Lives are marked forever. Chronicles of an foretold death of the spirit, better “cried” decades ago by Eugenio Siragusa first and Giorgio Bongiovanni after, both repeaters of the faithful admonitions that the Beings of light and the Solar Geniuses have transmitted us about this virus of psychic nature that attacks and infects the brain's neurons giving to the human beings an “irresistible impulse to kill and kill themselves.”
Giorgio explained that the “soil”, the brain of the human race and animals is more and more susceptible to contract this virus because of the environmental and radiation pollution, but the chances of contracting the foolishness increases to the umpteenth power when the values of the spirit are not put in practice. The psychologists do not understand anything about it, and Giorgio mentioned that they would better face this widespread social problem with a different spirit of research, with a totally different approach. I went to bed with these thoughts, which were reinforced by a concrete example of collective Harbar, printed on the pages of the book that tells the story of Maggy, Marguerite Barankitse, an ethnic Tutsis doctor in Burundi, a small region located in the heart of Africa, on the border between Rwanda and Congo. A woman of my same age who after having witnessed the atrocious collective massacre in 1993/94 of her whole village, took charge of only 25 small children who survived.
They became more than 200 in one month. Traumatized, suffering children haunted by the sight of neighbours who suddenly had become enemies. For pure love Maggy, regardless of threats, chose to live with the powerless victims of war and poverty, children of every ethnic group and nationality. Still today she has become the "social mother" of 10,000 small children and does not understand the causes of those atrocities. She simply treats both victims and who has killed. I connect everything to Christ and think about the concepts explained by Giorgio just two hours before... you never stop learning.
The rain falls copiously and persistently throughout the night and the following Sunday. Outside nature has already prepared to welcome and live with the winter colds. At 11:00 a.m. Giorgio intervened directly at the program "Socialmente utile – socially useful" on RADIO CHANNEL 100 of Bari. In the studio Antonella Morelli and Dr. Nico Ceglie, our close and old friends, along with the conductor. Dr. Ugo Lombardi, gave birth to a "great" live interview.
Giorgio had just read from L'UNITA and other newspapers about the foodstuffs that are thrown in the trash which could feed 3 billion of people. On air Giorgio was immediately asked what is the cause of losing control, of the aggressive push of so many people that every day fill the court headlines. An opportunity to explain "the Harbar," the plague of brain neurons.
"This society is based on the values of violence, aggressiveness, materialism and it creates, develops a change in our neurons that the neuro-psychiatry doctors in the world discuss in private at their conferences, fearing to reveal what is happening and spreading total panic in the population. It is a disruption of our neurons which attacks the most sensitive people, both at positive and negative level. The virus does not attack only common people, but also the mighty of the earth, and pushes people to attack, to kill and kill themselves. Our scientists and doctors should not intervene and not feed a perverse society. Sara's uncle is a poor man, the most pitiful word to describe this monster that killed his niece, but it is not him the cause of it, he is the effect. The cause is the society based on absurd and insane values of hatred, violence, etc.."
Giorgio explained that the primitive people had to hunt to survive, but without killing for pleasure or for possession or submission as it is today. Even the most ferocious animal on earth, which can attack even humans is not aggressive when it is satiated. Unfortunately, these characters will never be satisfied, because they suffer from this disease that torment them as a sort of nymphomania of power. The disease attacks the powerful ones, but even the most simple people who deceive themselves putting into practice material, absurd and unethical values, that don't exist in the universal law.
Giorgio gave vent to his rebellion and his thirst for justice, justice that anyway comes from the Father Adonay and Jesus Christ, His Son. Jesus has indicated clearly the way: love your neighbour as yourself, do not do to the others what you would not be done to you, help the poor, those who need it, fight for just causes, accuse the power when it is corrupt, when it is tyrant; accuse priests, the representatives of the Church when they prostitute themselves with power; always tell the truth that sets free, truly free.
Dr. Ugo Lombardi asked, as action against the work of evil, why Jesus did not decide to win.
Giorgio does not hesitate to answer: "No, Ugo, my dear friend, Jesus has already won through Resurrection. He won spiritually when he has risen, he showed up and said I WILL RETURN”. It lacks the human victory, but you'll see this from now till not very long when the sky will rip open and He will come again "on the clouds". We will understand what these clouds are, they won't be the clouds certainly designed by Caravaggio, but they will be "clouds" of metal and light, means of transport of beings who come from other worlds...
Dear Ugo, these beings have changed my whole life - Giorgio continued - they horrify when they see in real time what is happening on planet Earth through their sophisticated equipments. Imagine, hypothetically, that an extraterrestrial read the following caption: "What is thrown away could feed 3 billion human beings. The number of starving people is still very high compared to the Millennium Development Goals. There are two billion starving people".
What could an alien feel? What could he say? We cringe for Misseri that killed his niece, but we, with the only gesture to throw the leftovers in the garbage bin, we kill 2 billion children, are we better or worse than him who has strangled the little girl? I want the listeners to answer this question: those who throw food in the garbage are better or worse than the one who strangled the girl?! You must know dear Ugo, we are hypocrites and do not acknowledge our responsibility for children who die of hunger. You should also know that Mr. Misseri could be forgiven by Christ, not us! If we kill children! I allow myself to cry out because I'm full of love for Christ and His justice, otherwise I wouldn't do it ... "

The transmission slips away fast and from the studio they indicate they are watching on the internet the pictures of the interview aired on “Italia 1” in January 2009, during the program "Il Bivio", conducted by Enrico Ruggeri.
Ugo Lombardi asked Giorgio how many of those signs, how many stigmata we still need in order to change. Giorgio answered:
"In fact no one would need the stigmata, stigmata are a sign that is only useful to remind us Jesus is on Earth. I'm not Jesus, I am not the Christ, but one that heralds His coming. He told me: 'You must say I am here and I will reveal myself soon”. Here is the reason for the stigmatists. Father Pio was the greatest one, I'm such a small pupil of himself and others. The stigmatists came to remember the deeper meaning of the Christian message that focuses on the sacrifice of Christ and His message. "
Antonella Morelli gave an opportunity to talk about the documentary "The secret messages of Our Lady", collected in a DVD showing the story of apparitions of the Heavenly Mother, Her direct revelations that are sometimes terrible omens, sometimes messages of love and hope announcing the return of Christ. The DVD can be requested c / o our staff for free, or volunteered contribution. In addition you can also download it for free from the website: It is not enough seeing it once to fully understand the content and hold the emotions of the unreleased films of the children of Garabandal, Medjugorje, Chile, of Lucia Do Santos and Giorgio's apparition.

The interview continued and Giorgio explained that unfortunately the visionaries who have hidden the messages and have not revealed the full contents of their appearances were cowards because they got scared. There are visionaries who later repented and gave their lives for Christ, as it happened to the apostle Peter, who, even loving Jesus so much, had disowned him for 3 times in the night of His arrest. Then he let himself being crucified upside down in Rome. Giorgio said that even in Veneto there are visionaries who got married after their experiences, with a high standard of living and that sometimes they appear to the public, they make a little prayer to the Virgin Mary that they have seen and then they continue to live their wealthy lives. These are choices too...
Ugo Lombardi lead the transmission to an analysis: he asked whether before Jesus's birth, 2000 years ago, the existing societies have had any input, opportunities to make a path identical or similar to ours.
Giorgio: "Before 2000 years ago dear Ugo, there have been on this planet very advanced civilizations compared to ours, so much that we are not even worthy to shine their shoes. Civilizations that were far superior as Atlantis, Maya, the very ancient Mu, the Aztecs. Just as an example their pyramids were built with the technique of teleportation, not with 150,000 slaves, as we are told. "
While I listened to the radio with my brothers, I felt to skin the enthusiasm of the conductors in the studio. It was great when they were able to "grasp" live on air, Giorgio's promise to participate in other episodes, including his presence in the studio. Will is power!
The conference.
Quickly we closed the radio communications for an appointment that happily repeats: lunch with brothers, open to friends and supporters, a really effective way to deepen relations with those who have only recently met us. It's always an honour to be able to exchange stories of life and views with persons who are no longer interested in gossip or talk about this and that, fashion or the weather. Coming from Sant'Elpidio's ark, there were our Vanesa and Georgina de Huertos, Lara, Gianrico, Daniele and some friends and relatives, Giovanni Bongiovanni, Pier Giorgio Caria, Barbara. It 's a feast meeting each other, the joy that feeds the spirit... and also the body.

Giorgio retired right after lunch, while all of us, each with his own task goes to the Auditorium Concordia, well known location in the centre of Pordenone. The punctuality of those who live in the north of Italy brings the presence of about 300 people on time.
I would like to add to what Elisabetta has already widely reported in the news released last 19th October, our special thanks to Simona and Luca, artists from Turin (, promoters of the project the " Bandiera del futuro che connette il genere umano - Flag of the future that connects the human race", designed to support the construction of a well in the Alumbrera region in the Argentinian Andes, in an area where water, the lifeblood of the earth and of its living forms has been contaminated by the irresponsibility of man. (See
While I was on the stage with Simona, I thought about the value, the strength that can come from a sincere and practical individual commitment, capable to be "counter-contagious" towards those people who somehow react and oppose to the system that is eating up everything and everybody. If we are together, and multiply, we could respond to the figures of death with the figures of life.

A concrete example: with half of what Italy has spent and continues to spend in a month to help the civil massacre in Afghanistan, the organization Emergency (made by ordinary men and women of flesh and bones), has built three surgery centres , a maternity centre and 28 first aid centres!
I know very well that the ratio is inversely proportional, but it is our duty, our responsibility, especially if we declare ourselves Christians. "It is better to light a candle and shed light rather than cursing the darkness!" said Mother Teresa from Calcutta.

Pier Giorgio Caria joined the core of the conference and presented the book “the secret in the eyes of Maria”, edited by Ed. Mediterranee, written by our beloved Flavio Ciucani. An historical scientific research on Tilma, pastor Juan Diego's cloak on which appeared the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, during the famous apparition that converted more than twenty million Aztecs to Christianity. Pier Giorgio's research doesn't stop. Scrupulously careful to the manifestation of signs in the past and in the present, and reading them both in scientific and eschatology key, in particular since the message received by Giorgio Bongiovanni immediately after the occurrence of the face of the shroud in two wheat fields in England.
Pier Giorgio in his report addressed the issues of the Mayan prophecy about 2012 in relation to the crop circles, Alien's visit and the great changes that have occurred and are occurring in the social context at global level. In this analysis he showed that the heart of Mayan's prophecy fits perfectly with the events that are happening in the world. "The most important aspect of this prophecy, - Caria said - refers to the last Katun, a period of 20 years began in 1992 and which expires in 2012. This period was defined by the Maya as "the time of choice," the last time for humanity to change its future.
From 2012 onwards, the Mayas say, the events will accelerate to the point that the man can no longer do anything to stop them and will reap the fruit of his good or bad choices. People who have sown well will have peace and joy, who sow badly will have pain and torment. In biblical terms it is the time when 'the wheat is separated from the weeds', and it is a choice that everyone makes for themselves".
Pier Giorgio has shown that the scene of the last Katun has deployed itself at the dawn of its inception in 1992:
"crop circles, extraterrestrial presence, national and international geopolitical situation. The most important facts in these areas, and that characterized the last twenty years coming to an end, have shown with huge impact in the years between 1989 and 1992: in 1990 the crop circles are seen as types of communication through symbols, the current stage of impressive UFO manifestations took off from the solar eclipse occurred in Mexico on 11th July 1991, exactly as predicted by the Mayas. The very experience and mission of the stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni fits fully in this scene, in fact, Giorgio received the stigmata and the mission still ongoing, on 2nd September 1989, in Fatima. Not only he received the stigmata at the feet on 2nd September 1991 in the form of two bleeding crosses and it was explained to him by Jesus that the two crosses are the symbol of the choice that humanity will do: a cross of redemption and a cross of condemnation, the choice in fact. At geo-political level in 1989 we have the collapse of the Berlin Wall and in 1991 the final collapse of the Soviet Union and communism in Russia and in the countries of the Warsaw Pact. In 1992 the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were murdered, a fact that lead immediately to the collapse of the old system of power and the emergence of the current one. In the final analysis according to the Mayas too we are at the end of times waiting for the great change that brings humanity into a new era of peace, prosperity and harmony. "
Pier Giorgio concluded his speech by inviting Giorgio on the stage. I watch his back broken and his pace... he always touches us when he embraces Pier who almost disappears.
Elisabetta has already faithfully transcribed the heart of his speech, words of truth and justice, which resonated in the auditorium. I wonder how they can reply:
"Today I read that the West wasted so much food that if distributed, it could feed three billion people, according to the official figures provided by FAO. Then I wondered if we are actually better than the man who killed his granddaughter, as we kill thousands of children every day with our selfishness. There would certainly not be the need of associations like Funima if we all behaved with more responsibility and awareness... unfortunately, God can not intervene in the horrific choices of mankind because man has free will. So, not He being able to give us a divine imposed manifestation, He must choose a way of communication not striking as the manifestation of spaceships, crop circles, Stigmata, the Marian apparitions to make us understand that He disagrees with our human choices. Lord uses the logic of simplicity, humility because He wants to awaken the conscience of those who are sensitive."
And again:
"We just have to thank the suffering ones of the world because they are the mystical body of Christ and allow us to implement the necessary transformation in order to inherit the new Earth, I will not worry about them because I know they are safe in the spirit and will be reborn in the new kingdom. What worries me is the unrighteous ones, is to save the souls of those who are now in the material wealth, because the sword of the divine justice will fall on them as it is written in the Gospel of Matthew - ch.25. "
Giorgio is never tired to repeat that we are all brothers, inhabitants of a planet itself suspended in a solar system, itself part of an infinite cosmos. It seems impossible to realize this concept, which goes far beyond personal belief. It 's a fact.

Giorgio ends with this quote:
"When that eternal young Man will return, it will not be an offer, but an imposition, because He will come down from heaven, with the ships that you have just seen. He will annihilate nuclear missiles, the children will recover. We will all be forced to believe! We are still on time to understand these signs, change our own life, turning it to help others who suffer, serving a just cause, praying, participating. When that day comes, none of us will escape. We tend to think that the greatest gift that God has given us is life. It is not. The most important gift is freedom! And freedom is the participation as the great Giorgio Gaber sang. But I can say one thing and I give my life on this: He, Jesus Christ will soon reveal himself to the world. Be sure of this.".

A warm applause followed these words and the audience's questions started, with many hands up in the air. The positive energy that was breathed in the room put at ease those who were there, some of which told without problems their own inner awaking after severe sufferings, illnesses and fatigues. Very strong evidence of life that have been blessed and have opened with the heart key, the door of Truth and knowledge. "Bless the pain, take up your cross and follow me".
Unlike past eras, today we are in the worst moment in the history of man, as though the planet is bleeding like Christ on the cross. Giorgio was inspired by the questions to give news on the international situation with China's economic power which grows out of proportion and claims that its currency is revalued against the dollar, while the crisis in America is unstoppable. If the major world powers don't agree about changes it could ignite a conflict that today cannot be but nuclear.
"There are currently more than ten nations that have the atomic bomb, and their government does not lack mentally unbalanced people... I can't think that the Creator be so cynical that He has created all to allow then that everything be destroyed without intervening.”.

A lady asked why crop circles are most prominent in England: to balance the negative force of this land. England is the Dragon, to compensate this anti-Christic presence the divine signs show up. At a question deliberately provocative by a dear person on false prophets, Giorgio explains why he is not, and lists the criteria for assessing who is the true messenger of God and who is not. Today in identifying whether a person is telling the truth, must not operate in the secret, but in a public and extraordinary form. Another criterion of discernment is that he must help those who suffer, but it is not enough for even Mafia helps the poor.
The third element of evaluation is the key to understanding whether or not we face a true messenger is that this person must attack the powerful ones, investigate, finding out who is behind the exercise of the great power, denounce the institutions, organizations that provide or carry illegal funding.
God has had enough of this society and soon all this will end. A messenger of God must ensure he can pay the bills and be able to move, but he can certainly not be powerful. About this I asked to be checked because I have nothing, behind me there is only God. I'm not the only one, a true messenger is Don Ciotti, who is not even helped by his own Church!"

At the closing of the conference a man asked about the purpose of life, why did God create us. I write down the full response:
"Dear brother, I would like to answer you through an example. I reckon to not have to set up a theological speech here. You and I are talking right now. Let's say one of us, surely you, is the strongest, the most gifted, the most advanced, most profound, intelligent, mature, but you acquire this awareness because there is the other one, there is me as interlocutor.
Let's say that God created us because of love, so for love you are aware to do everything, for love you constantly create and realize your own level because you are in continuous relationship with something different that makes you realize the continuous creation. So God who is pure love convinces Himself to be pure love just because I exist and He created me.
The air is as suspended, then the hands clap. I remember a man who many years ago told us the truth is revealed in a simple and unadorned way ... "

We are back to the ark, inspired by so many people asking us the date of the next appointment, the Funima DAY 2010, that will be held on 5th Dec. at Ca Brugnera with the presence of Giorgio, Raul Bagatello, and Don Luigi Ciotti, a special person who always leaves a deep mark inside that you can't forget anymore.

It is not a coincidence that in the evening, before we retired, Giorgio and the lovely Simona discussed about the value and meaning of money. Between the two there has been a real debate. Simona said to consider and use money as a simple means by which organizing her life without ambition and without any particular slavery; the young woman claimed that money is not negative, but neutral, has a neutral energy that can be changed through positive actions such as donating, building, carrying out projects for others. On the other hand Giorgio has not missed the opportunity to demonstrate that you can't escape from the slavery of money… it is an illusion and those who think it they deceive and fool themselves.
Giorgio: “Money is the demon, Satan, it makes the man a slave. I hate money, it makes me sad. Jesus said clearly: “You cannot serve two divinities”. The second divinity was attributed to Mammona, to the God money, the matter. Dear Simona you are wrong about the valence of money because a neutral energy does not exist, it exists either the positive or the negative.
The financial system imposes that there is always someone that has a lot and someone else that has little, otherwise the competition would not exist. Money is a negative instrument.
I have realized this because when I had nothing I felt not so good, while when I had something I felt better, a little bit surer. I did not like it! So this is the truth about money, the banknote is like a living being... with its arteries, its veins.
The system of this world is wrong and must be fought from within. This can be done only through the truth, the only one thing who really sets us free. I recommend you dear, above all things, to always tell the truth that is the most important thing.
I have been killed in many lives for telling the truth. Even when you make mistakes, even in front of negative actions towards your neighbour you must tell the truth. The truth is most valuable!
It is not sufficient helping the others, doing good deeds. These are worthless unless they are accompanied by telling the truth of the facts, even if this means the loss of our life. Otherwise you do not fight the unfair system. We would act only on the effect and not on the cause. Only through this way, our first action that was worth 20%, will be worth 100%!
To the present ominous system I propose the return of the barter, the free and fraternal exchange as it exists in the worlds from which I come...".

We embraced each other before leaving. The following day there were those who went back to work, those like us who travelled, each in his own way, with every day life. Before leaving, Giorgio asked me to write in detail the chronicle of these days, so I tried to fix in my mind the emotions felt. During the journey, Giorgio told us that Antonio Urzi has just filmed an extraordinary light spaceship. I looked up at the sky still gray and realized strongly to desire one thing, collecting a wild hope: the victory of love over hate.

With love. Mara.

Warmly thank Vanesa, Barbara, Mara from Pordenone, Pier Giorgio, who have worked with me to write down this chronicle.

Sant 'Elpidio a Mare, on 21st October 2010


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