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THE SOLAR GENIUS CHRIST, SON OF THE LIVING GOD, HAS TOLD YOU: "... Truly I tell you: unless you turn and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3).
Luke 18, verse 16: " …Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Mark 9, verse 42: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”


Pordenone (Italy)
11th September 2010.
Giorgio Bongiovanni


"I reckon that children's dreams are sent by God. If someone puts them all together and knows how to interpret them, they contain a message for humanity."

These are the words with which an eleven year-old child has thought to explain a phenomenon that is verifying in the class attended by him and where I teach, in a Sicilian school.
The children tell me, more and more often, to have made very particular dreams or to have had visions.
If, on one hand, they are surprised, noticing elements extremely similar in their oneiric images, on the other hand they find out by themselves, with a great confidence, the meaning of their experiences, as if they were allowed to draw to a superior knowledge.
Here are some of these dreams I will faithfully report, a vision accompanied by a drawing and a spontaneous dialogue among classmates.

A teacher at the service of the Truth.

Angela's dream
I'm watching a great book on the Earth's history.
In the first page there are the images of the big bang, in another one the earth as it was once, with dinosaurs...
And then the Earth as it is now. In each of these pages there are also written explanations.
However I don't see the Earth as a drawing, but three-dimensional, as if I see it looking from above, I see it spinning and I can decide if looking it more closely with all the details or from further away.
In the penultimate page there is no writing, but only the Earth all red.
While I see it turning, a bright ray coming from outer space strikes it in a point and it forms a circle of light in the middle of the red area.
In the last page of the book there is a white candle with an inscription that I don't remember.

Damiano's dream
I find myself on a balcony, I hear a deafening noise and a red light comes from the sky. From this red light a great book, with a diamond on the cover, falls on the earth.
The book falls in the garden beneath my house, I go down, I want to open it but I can't, then I take a screwdriver and other tools and finally I manage to open it. In the pages of the book there are a lot of beacons, in the last ones a white beacon and another one of green-orange colour.
Then I close again the book and I try, always with the tools, to extract the great diamond on the cover because I like it a lot.
As soon as I take it off the book, the diamond opens and a huge light goes out and a very beautiful Lady appears in this light, white dressed.
Meanwhile from the sky some bright things go down that I don't understand well if they are beacons of light or candles, that accompany people.
The Lady holds a candle in Her hand and holds it high to make people come towards Her. So many people go towards her, they are mostly children, but there are also few adults. Of the people I know, I only see my mother and my sister.
When we arrive to this Lady, she embraces us in a marvellous way. The Madonna, with all the people following Her, rise to Heaven and on Earth an extraordinary warmth spreads.

Laura's Dream
A few weeks ago I have made a strange dream, but at the same time very beautiful.
I was in a forest, I didn't know how to find the way and suddenly, looking at the sky, I notice that next to the sun there was a woman dressed of white with a blue veil, emitting a light more dazzling than the sun of that warm day.
Some people pass by and pointing the finger at Her, they cry: " It's Her! It's Her!"
At first impression to me She seemed the Madonna, who knows… maybe the dream has to continue!

Lucia's Dream
I dream of being in a blue room that looks like the sky with a blinding light. Two figures appear, one seems to be Jesus and the other one our Lady. White snowflakes fall from above.

Sarah's vision
TV is tuned on a foreign channel. The video is interrupted as if there was an interference, and then an image with a carpet and two fireplaces, all surrounded by a red halo, then disappears and appears again a carpet with something similar to an altar, full of white candles and a blue halo around. There are also some writings.

Drawing in which Sarah reproduces her vision's images.

Dialogue among classmates

Sarah – I reckon that my classmates' dreams are connected with the vision that I have had, because they have always had the focus on world's destruction, apparitions... I have seen... I reckon it was a miracle because someone has given to me the possibility to choose between candles and an orange/red carpet, that means being Satan's follower.
They proposed me... or... How can I say... They gave me the chance to follow the path of the evil or the path of the good. Then to me this story is that someone wants to give us a message, we don't know who, but all these things are connected because, in my opinion, both the aliens and God have to do something with this.
Then all this can be considered a premonition, the various images of the dreams with the Earth seen from below or from above. Therefore , according to me, either God or the aliens want to tell us that faith is important, as it is to try and understand how to reach salvation, because, maybe, if we must try and be saved, it depends on us to listen to the advice. So we have to continue interpreting this things... we can say that God is giving us a chance and all these things are connected.

Damiano - In these dreams there are many facts that I consider special, for example in Angela's dream there is the red that is very important, the colour of danger, I see lights between red and yellow, but there is also white, candles, beacons, snow.

Sarah - When the carpet and the fireplaces of the devil have appeared, everything around was red, while when the image of the carpet and the candles of God have appeared, there was a shine, as if there was direct sunlight, with the beams of light around this image.
It was beautiful because the light was red when the carpet and the fireplaces of the devil appeared, whilst it was blue, light blue, white blue when God’s prayer tools appeared.
Therefore it is a strange thing, maybe this happens in other classes, but I reckon –and I don't know if the others agree - these dreams, these visions, these imaginations, mean that… It could be a little bit foolish, but we have been chosen for these things, I do not know if it's a bit too much, but I think it is so. We have to say that these dreams become stranger and stranger: aliens, end of the world, choice between Christianity and being at evil’s side!


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