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 2011-11-28 intro copyFROM HEAVEN TO EARTH



San Giovanni (Italy)
November 28th, 2011


It is well known to all researchers of extraterrestrial visitation that there are artefacts which are more or less ancient, that indicate the presence on our planet of flying objects not from this world, and that are millennia old. In the picture we can see some graffiti drawings on cave walls in different parts of the world where you can clearly see flying saucers.


2011-11-28 01 copy

Two ancient petroglyphs depicting disc-shaped flying objects

Do not forget the important studies of the late Professor Kasantzev, who has made a significant contribution to this truth with his investigations into Japanese statues "Dogu" who, according to scientist, are astronauts in space suits landed on the Japanese islands over 5000 years ago...


2011-11-28 02 copy


Dogu figurines designed by Prof. A. Kasantzev

Also Julius Obsequens, a Roman writer of the fourth century BC, speaks about fiery flying shields, "clipeus ardens" in Latin, found in the chronicles in his "Book of miracles".


2011-11-28 03


Important and famous modern authors such as Erick Von Daniken, Peter Kolosimo, Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote several pages providing many clues to support the presence of ancient astronauts in the ancient times, although the scientific orthodoxy has always snubbed their researches. In this context, we need to consider the contactees who have received from the very extraterrestrial beings, much information on this topic. Among those, George Adamski and Eugenio Siragusa are a good example. This is a brief overview, which is very far from being exhaustive about all the authors, sources and ancient artefacts that indicate how old the extraterrestrial presence on our planet is.
The birth of photography technique, in the same way, confirms us that these unknown flying objects used to fly on our skies much before the birth of the modern ufology, in the year 1947. In the following pictures you can clearly see UFOs between the end of ‘800 and the first decades of '900.

ufo antichi-ok


Today, in modern times, the search for evidence of this presence is much easier because of the great development and mass dissemination of modern technologies for shooting photographs and films. An impressive number of documents gives a clear testimony of it. Currently, one of the largest and most prolific authors of photos and films of UFOs, is the Italian Antonio Urzi. During last September 19th 2011, Urzi has taken a series of extraordinary photographs of a ship with three metallic spheres on the underside.


2011-11-28 06



The analysis already partially published, demonstrates beyond any doubt, the authenticity of these beautiful snapshots.
Going back to the starting point of the extraterrestrial presence since ancient times, the extraordinary thing is that in India, in the town of Puri, in a Hindu temple, there is a fresco dated 1600, which illustrates the clash between two deities of this religion.


2011-11-28 07


In the drawing they are depicted many flying saucers coming down from heaven and, incredibly, they are identical to the UFO photographed by Urzi on September 19th 2011. In the images we clearly see this extraordinary similarity. An umpteenth, unquestionable proof that this reality is really thousands of years old and is accompanying us in our hard evolutionary road. The fact that the fresco of Puri represents the clash between two deities indicates also that, since ancient times, the connection between spirituality and UFOs is inseparable.

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Even our religion Christian-Catholic has got art masterpieces that show the same information. Among these, a precious item is the painting exhibited in the Ercole hall of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, a work of the fifteenth century, entitled "Madonna con Bambino e San Giovannino - Madonna and Child with St. John."



2011-11-28 09



The author is uncertain, some think it was made by Jacopo del Sellaio, others attribute it to Sebastiano Mainardi, but it is not the attribution of the work the relevant point of this article, but its prophetic value. This was analysed by the historian Flavio Ciucani in an interesting article on this link:

To this article I would like to add some considerations that I reckon quite important.
First of all we need to highlight the fact that the author depicts two fundamental aspects of the extraterrestrial reality visiting our planet, today very clear to those who have investigated seriously this issue, not merely stopping in front of the scientific-rationale.
In fact, on the top-left of the painting there are some “tongues” of fire descending from the sun. Here the author clearly indicates solar beings, beings of light, to use a more modern language, the superior angelic hierarchies depending directly by the Christ, the archangels, who control and coordinate the extraterrestrial visitation on Earth. Beings of pure energy that are at the top of the spiritual evolution and exist in dimensions of most pure light.


2011-11-28 10

2011-11-28 11
Solar Beings on the left and Ufos on the right on the
 painting of the XV century
The Pentecost

In depictions of the Pentecost we can well understand what were actually the flames that are above the head of the Blessed Virgin and of the Apostles, as they were the entities who personified them and made them wise and able to perform miracles.

Whereas on the right-hand side, always on the top, there is a flying saucer which is definitely metallic, in a classic situation of UFO sighting, with a man looking at the disc, shielding his eyes from the light with one hand and a barking dog at his feet. Here we have the extraterrestrial reality in its cosmic aspect of civilizations coming from other worlds, thus more concrete, physical, even if made of a lighter matter than ours, therefore closer to our three-dimensional nature, even if much more advanced. Understanding this complexity, this bivalent aspect of the extraterrestrial reality, is especially crucial in order to understand the spiritual-messianic nature of this visit in this particular, dangerous and extremely delicate period of our evolutionary history.
One of the contactees whose work has extensively presented and explained these two aspects is definitely Eugenio Siragusa. We remind that he was guided by an advanced being of light that introduced himself under the name of Adoniesis and that Eugenio even photographed. He was also protected, educated and advised by more physical extraterrestrial beings from other worlds and star systems. They were scientists in every field of knowledge, that have given us a huge amount of scientific data and that very often our science has not discovered until long after Eugenio propagated them. Hoara, Link, Woodok are some of the names by which, these stellar travellers who contacted Eugenio, were identified with.


2011-11-28 12

Photo of the being of light Adoniesis, Cosmic Master
photographed in 1972 by Eugenio Siragusa

Another element that I reckon important and that I would like to emphasize in this painting, is the striking resemblance that exists between the flying object portrayed in this picture and the UFO filmed by Antonio on 29th April 2007. An object that had already been filmed by Urzi on December 3rd 2004, April 30th 2005 and that would have been filmed again on August 26th 2008.

2011-11-28 13


 The UFO in the painting of the XV century and a frame of the video made by A. Urzi, on 29.04.2007
In my opinion, the similarity of the UFO in the painting with the ship shot by Urzi several times, is not by chance. Being the painting a mirror of the events that are happening in this time and that announce the second coming of Christ on Earth, as Flavio Ciucani well explained in the article already mentioned, we can deduce that also the work that Antonio is carrying out is fully part of it and I reckon the picture clearly indicates it. If we add to this the close spiritual bond that exists between Antonio and the stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni, the voice announcing in the "spiritual desert" of this time the imminent second coming of Christ and His Divine Justice, the "framework" seems to be really complete. The times are really mature and the signs fully confirm it, both the past ones and the present ones.

P.G. Caria –28th November 2011


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